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E-Shop: Enable PayPal Payments

5 September 2021

Using the PayPal payment method, you can instantly receive payments for orders placed in your E-Shop.

To check the payment methods enabled in E-Shop, you need to go to Settings -> E-Shop and open the Payment Methods section.

BlockMag gives you the following payment options for orders from E-Shop:

  • Order payment on delivery
  • Order payment using PayPal

You can activate the payment methods you consider useful for your business.

To use PayPal payments, you need to set up a PayPal Business account.

This type of account allows...

Products: External Reception Notes

5 September 2021

Even if your supplier does not use BlockMag, you can still process the Reception Notes.

Using the Reception Note function and the "Add external reception note" option, you can enter inventory data and products.

The input data will be used to update your inventory.

You can also scan the received document (PDF or image) and attach it to the Reception Note document for later review.


Products: Internal Reception Notes

4 September 2021

If your client uses BlockMag, you can send your Receipt Notes for accompanying invoices or waybills with a simple click.

All you have to do is to select the accompanying invoice / waybill and the user you want to send the Reception Note.

Your customer will be notified by the Receipt Note and will be able to process incoming products and add them to the inventory.


Settings: Reception Note Function

4 September 2021

BlockMag gives you the ability to create Reception Notes for products to be added to inventory.

To enable the Reception Note feature, you need to go to Settings -> Inventory.

With this feature enabled, you can go to the Products page and choose to create Reception Notes.

Reception notes created are available in Documents -> Reception Notes


Dashboard: E-Shop Orders

3 September 2021

You can now manage you orders placed in the online store via the Dashboard.

To have this feature available, you need the E-Shop option enabled in Settings.

The Dashboard features a Display button (top right corner) that allows new orders to be displayed for processing.

The order display is ergonomic for processing on a touch screen.

Each order has an information window containing:

  1. Order status: new, under processing, shipped, canceled
  2. The order products
  3. Customer contact information
  4. SMS messages sent to customer
  5. The ability to send SMS messages to customer

Each new order...