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Dashboard: E-Shop Orders

3 September 2021

You can now manage you orders placed in the online store via the Dashboard.

To have this feature available, you need the E-Shop option enabled in Settings.

The Dashboard features a Display button (top right corner) that allows new orders to be displayed for processing.

The order display is ergonomic for processing on a touch screen.

Each order has an information window containing:

  1. Order status: new, under processing, shipped, canceled
  2. The order products
  3. Customer contact information
  4. SMS messages sent to customer
  5. The ability to send SMS messages to customer

Each new order can be updated as "Under processing" state.

When the order has been shipped, the order status can be updated and it will disappear from the Dashboard.

All orders placed in the online store are also available in the Contacts section, E-Shop Orders page.