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  • inventory management software

    Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory and track your stock levels in real time. You'll receive low inventory notifications and you can generate purchase orderes to refill your stock.

  • barcode scanning

    Barcode Scanning

    Scan your inventory products into orders, generate document barcodes, search inventory products or documents using barcode scanning.

  • product locations

    Product Locations

    Having multiple warehouses, offices, stores? No problem. You can track your products by organizing your stocks on various locations.

  • product customization

    Product Customization

    Manage your inventory products using custom attributes such as dimension and color. Track how many products you have available on each location.

  • customer accounts

    Customer Accounts

    Using integrated CRM functions, you can now easily manage your customer details. You can add multiple customers, notes and track purchase history.

  • invoicing in cloud


    Issue invoices in seconds using an elegant and professional output format, then e-mail them as PDF to customers.

  • purchase orders

    Purchase Orders

    Using integrated purchase orders, you can now refill your stock levels and track product delivery.

  • financial reports

    Financial Reports

    Generate detailed reports for inventory, sales and products offered. Filter reports by customers, products and time range.

  • timesheet


    Keep track your working hours, calculate salary, send timesheet to manager and invoice clients. Timesheets contain hours worked, as well as associated expenses and vehicle mileage.

  • product labels

    Product Labels

    Print labels to easily organize and identify inventory products. Labels include barcode and product image for easy product identification in warehouses.

  • product labels


    You can own your online store through a single click. Customers can view your inventory products and place orders via shopping cart.

Software for Inventory Management in Cloud!

BlockMag este o solutie completa simplu de folosit pentru gestiunea inventarului.

Manage your customers, sale opportunities, purchase orders, invoices and many more.

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Software for Inventory Management in Cloud -

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